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NameJohann Friedrich Herman KRAMERS36
BirthABT. 10 MAR 1731/32
Death8 Apr 1778, Lulle, Bippen, Germany
BirthMar 1731/1732, ?
Death8 Apr 1778, Lulle, Germany
BurialHe was Catholic
BaptismHis wife was Lutheran
FatherJohan Jurgen KRAMER
MotherElsabein SCHULTE
1Helene Maria Elsabine BARLAGEN36
BirthNov 1742, ?
DeathSeeNotes, ?
MotherElsabein SANNEN
Marriage1 Feb 1772, Bippen, Germany
ChildrenCatherine Grethe Elsabien (1773-1854)
Johann Hermann (~1775-1855)
Johann Hinrich (~1778-1837)
Notes for Johann Friedrich Herman KRAMERS
Johan was baptized the 11 of March 1732 at St. Nicholas in Ancum. At this time he was baptized a Catholic. His wife Helen was baptized at Bippen so she was Luthern. Since their family was Luthern he con- verted probably when they got married
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