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NameJohann Hinrich KRAMERS36
Birthabt 1 Jun 1778, Bippen, Germany
BirthJun 1778, ?
DeathSeeNotes, ?
FatherJohann Friedrich Herman KRAMERS (~1731-1778)
MotherHelene Maria Elsabine BARLAGEN (1742-)
1Helena Margaretha DENNIGMANN36
Birth12 Feb 1769, Ohrete, Germany42
Birth12 Feb 1769, Ohrte,
Marriage31 Oct 1801, Bippen, Germany42
Childrenunnamed boy (1802-1802)
Johann Hinrich (1803-1832)
Herman Gerd. (1810-)
Catherine Margareta Margaretha Adelheid Adelhide (1806-1888)
Notes for Johann Hinrich KRAMERS
Father died in April before this subject was born approx June.
Misc. Notes
We do not have a birth date but he was baptized on the 5th of June 1778

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