Family History, Genealogy, and Farming


Family History and Genealogy

Yes, Willott Road IS named after my family. No, my family is not rich-- we were farmers. I joke that I'm related to about half the dead people in St. Charles County.

The Willott family came to the US around 1825 or 1828 from southwestern Germany and settled in the area where Spencer Creek Subdivision is now located. Willott Road runs along the south edge of the old farmstead, the covered bridge is approximately at the eastern edge of the property and Spencer Road makes up the old western boundary. I am not certain where the northern edge ran. That property was owned by my great-great-grandmother, Johanna ZERR WILLOTT, until about 1907.

Here are some pages on families in my ancestry.

Here are some links to some sources of information for your own search:

Cyndi Howell's list of genealogy links (probably the largest)

the LDS Church is known for its vast library of family history artifacts

Rootsweb is a large compilation of databases

Don't understand the whole "twice removed" thing? Take a look at this chart!

Alternatively, you can figure out the cousin thing this way: Let's say Charles and Tom are related, but not sure how closely. The ancestor that Charles and Tom have in common is Mary. Charles calls Mary his great great great great grandma. That's 5 G words. Tom calls Mary his great great grandma. That's 3 G words. Since they have 3 G words in common, they're 3rd cousins. They differ by 2 G words, so they are twice removed. Thus, when I call Teresa my grandma and Kaytlin calls her great grandma, Kaytlin and I are first cousins once removed.


I grew up on a farm

I grew up on a farm just north of Olde Towne, St. Peters on Highway C. My family no longer owns the farm there, or any farm land in St. Charles County. My parents moved to Mexico, Missouri after the 1993 flood, during which we had water practically up to the countertops in our kitchen, despite living about 4 miles from the river. My parents own a small farm near Laddonia, Missouri, and still farm it themselves. My brother has a Bachelor's degree and Master's degree, both from UM-Columbia, worked for several years with the university as a crop sector analyist for FAPRI- the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, and is now farming in central Brazil. My sister attended Mizzou, graduated with a degree in food science, and now works at Hardee's Corporate Headquarters in St. Louis, MO developing new menu items in their test kitchen.

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